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Pedigree for Blueburn Dolly
Blueburn Peponita
Heza Peponita

Blackburn Lady Rose
Kleberg Mia
Mr Blackburn 41
Nifty Bar Doll

The Whoopersnapper
Zebs Ole Man

Poohs Irish Cream
Pretty Buck Zeb
Ole Mans Red Doll
Pretty Buck Zeb
Mary Pooh

Pedigree Details...
Blueburn Dolly
2014 AQHA Grulla Mare
Not For Sale

Pretty Silver Grulla Filly

6-9-14, adorable light grulla filly with no white. Super excited about this new addition. Perfectly straight and completely friendly. I know it took us a while to get photos, and these first ones aren't decent, but I think we were in shock that she was a filly, with no white, Whooper's hip and that Pretty Buck Zeb eye that usually eludes us. We were so excited 2 years ago when Whooper foaled Ruby, and she is a LOT like Whooper. She handled Ruby so well that we decided to try again. Never say never, but this will likely be Whooper's last foal due to a prior injury she suffered when she was younger. We'd love to share this filly with others, but Whooper's fillies are far and few between and she will likely have a forever home with us.

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