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Pedigree for Blueburn Choco "Choco"
Blueburn Peponita
Heza Peponita

Blackburn Lady Rose
Mia Kleberg
Mr Blackburn 41
Nifty Bar Doll

Pretty Buck Zeb

Foxy Bee Bee
Blutcher Buck
Miss Mary Blue
Foxy Clabber
Star Heels Bee

Pedigree Details... Peponita - 2 Time World Champion NCHA Open Senior Cutting, NCHA Finals 1st Place 2 times, NCHA ME $126,221+, 74 AQHA pts, Sire of 1728+ AQHA pts, 111 AQHA pt earners, 1 AQHA World Ch, 2 AQHA Res. World Ch, 2 AQHA Hi Pt, NCHA ME $1,667,500+, NRHA ME $35,410+, NRCHA ME $3550+
Heza Peponita - Sire of AQHA performers, point earners, NCHA ME $23+, NRHA ME $43, Sire of a MN Senior Reining Champion
Kleberg Mia - King Ranch Branded, 9 AQHA pts, 1967 AQHA ROM, dam of 2 AQHA performers, 8 AQHA pts
Mr Blackburn 41 - Sire of 142.0 AQHA pts, ROMs, Show Perf Awards, NRHA $,5,465
Nifty Bar Doll Dam of 6 foals, 2 AQHA pts, NRHA $283
Pretty Buck Zeb (DD)Sire of AQHA Perf Pt Earn, ABRA Pt Earn, IBHA Pt Earn, Full brother to Stopper Blue, 3rd Place in AQHA World Show Roping
Blutcher Buck Sire of Perf Pt Earn (Open, Amateur)World Ch 3rd Place Perf, NCHA ME
Miss Mary Blue Dam of Perf Pt Earn (Open, Amateur), NCHA ME
Pretty Boy Buck Sire of Perf Pt Earn (Youth)
Jack's Fancy Dam of Perf Pt Earn (Amateur and Youth)
Judy Patterson Dam of Perf Pt Earn (Open)
Foxy Clabber Sire of 141 AQHA pts
Red Fox Bar Sire of Race ME,ROM, Race,Race Winners,Perf Pt Earn (Open, Youth),ROM, Perf (Open)
Clabber Barette Dam of Race ME,Race Starters,Stakes Placers,Halt Pt Earn (Open),Perf Pt Earn (Open)
Bar Heels Star Sire of Halt Pt Earn (Open),Perf Pt Earn (Open)
Bylands's Bee Bee AQHA Champion - Open 1961,ROM, Perf, Open 1960,Perf Pt Earn (Open, 36),Halt Pt Earn (Open, 18),Dam of Perf Pt Earn (Open, Amateur), NCHA ME
Blueburn Choco "Choco"
2010 AQHA Black Stallion
Sold to MO

Sold to MO in (November 2011)

New photos from 8/27/11. This colt has been pastured all summer and is heavily faded, but he is officially tested at a homozygous black (EE) black (aa) horse. We don't believe his low price is reflective of his quality. There is nothing wrong with this horse. He's a full package with a nice disposition and great build. We priced him so low because he's an "extra" we don't need for the amount of mares we own. He'll make a nice stud or exceptional gelding - your choice. Pretty colt with a beautiful head. He's going to have a very masculine look with a nice set of jowels. Friendly and loves attention. He's a good one. These two produce well together. Cilla is 15.2 hands so this baby should have some height. Color tested 5/4/11. Homozgyous black (E/E) for black points and guaranteed to be a black horse (a/a).

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August 27, 2011 Video

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