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We have owned horses for about 30 years and raise a few AQHA foals each Spring. We stand Blueburn Peponita, an AQHA Grullo(Grulla) stallion to the public. He is a grandson of 2X World Champion Peponita and out of a grullo daughter of Mr Blackburn 41. "Blue" is over 99% foundation and has the best stallion disposition imaginable. 

Doug and Kris joined the American Quarter Horse Association as joint members in the early 1990s, but interest in the grulla color and Pretty Buck breeding started back in the 1970s when a member of Kris's saddle club owned a Pretty Buck dun son that had an unbelievable disposition and was strikingly beautiful. After college, the race was on to find the best grullas around with foundation breeding. Having limited financial resources, we started with a few quality foals purchased from Emmitt Smith of MO. One of those colts, Blue Smoke Gem, was the start of our breeding program. A.K.A. "Buddy", this big grulla horse produced slick, well conformed beauties time after time. Bud was a very picky breeder and after just 20 foals, we decided to save a replacement colt of his named Grudini and out of a Pretty Buck Zeb daughter we had purchased several years back from the Clements (also from MO).

That same year, we took our granddaughter of Pretty Buck (Blackburn Lady Rose) and her sister up to legendary Sunup Ranch to breed to Heza Peponita, one of the most beautiful stallions we had ever seen. As luck would have it, Rose produced a grulla stallion that was nearly identically built to his sire and had the disposition to match. From day one, there was no doubt this foal would have a place at Enloe Quarter Horses. As it turned out, he more than fit the bill and became the core of our breeding program - Blueburn Peponita. Deciding that one stallion was all we needed, we sent Grudini to Wales, Great Britain where he thrives today as a premier stallion in that country.

Although we love the grulla color, we have never and will never sacrifice other important qualities such as conformation and disposition. Like Blue, all our horses are very heavy muscled and very easy going.  Many of our customers use get from our breeding program in the show ring as halter, trail, and cow class performers.   Our bloodlines back years of accomplished roping, cutting, reining, and most importantly, general trail riding for the average person. We don't have a lot of horses, but the ones we do are cherry-picked from many years of very selective breeding. We have been lucky enough to send our horses to new homes in almost every state in the Lower 48, Canada, Mexico, Wales, England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and Luxemborg - A BIG THANK YOU to all our past customers!

Please take a look at our grulla articles about the majestic color. They were the first of their kind, written by Kris before the grulla craze took place. They have been published in 7 different countries and copied / linked to many other websites over the years. Time flies, and these articles are becoming a bit dated, but still provide easy to read information on determining if a horse is grulla, or how to reproduce one.

Thank you for visiting the website.  If you're able, come on over and see the real thing.  We love to talk about our horses, and yours.

There is no reason you can't have it all!

Happy Trails and Tails!

Doug and Kris Enloe

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The Herd 2014

Nooky - For Sale!

Latest EQH News...
We have decided to discontinue our land line. We are still available via email! We have 4 great horses for sale. See For Sale page for these horses...
Zans Katty Jax - very nice broodmare that will have a free breeding to our grulla stallion Blueburn Peponita for a 2016 foal!

Blackburn Nooky - very nice stallion prospect that is also started riding. Extremely gentle!

Blueburn Kibbles - homozygous red dun mare that is just being started!

Blueburn Thor - chunky 2014 colt that will make a great gelding prospect!

Happy to find out that Blueburn Peponita, with just 27 registered foals, has an NRHA money earner and AQHA performer in his get. It's not a lot of $$ yet, but it does show Blue's ability to pass his athletic talent onto his foals. He also has several get that are doing well at local shows and fairs, some even have made it to state level competition with adults AND kids. Although we don't do much to promote him, we are very lucky to have Blue as part of our family.

On the main page here are Dolly and Dude, our 2014 foal crop. This may be our last, as we continue to downsize and enjoy the ones we already have. I am thrilled at the consistency in looks and temperament that we have gained over the last 20 years, and you can really see it in these two.


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